Jack often delivers presentations of photography and is available to present to your organization or group. Following is a list of some of Jack's recent presentations; other topics are available upon request.

“Photography Essentials” (1 hour)

Jack will cover the fundamentals of making great photographs. Topics include Camera Basics; Composition; Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO; Shooting Modes; File Formats; Exposure Compensation; Using the Histogram; Basic Image Editing and Management.

“My Ten Most Valuable Lessons Learned… So Far” (1 hour)

Jack will share the top ten lessons he has learned about photography so far. As we travel through our individual photographic journeys, each of us develops a list of important lessons. Our lists evolve and mature with continued experience and learning. Jack will walk through a snapshot of his list as it looks today and hopefully generate discussion as well as new insights into your own valuable lessons list.

“Channeling Sam Abell” (1 hour)

Jack will describe the ways in which photographer, artist, and writer Sam Abell influences every image he makes. Jack met Sam for the first time in 2014 and had the opportunity to work closely with him for a week the following summer. Sam’s teachings transcend photographic styles and have influenced many well-known and not-so-well-known photographers worldwide. Jack will discuss Sam’s approach to photography and share a number of “Samisms” that may influence your future work.

“High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography” (1 hour)

Have you ever taken a photograph and been disappointed it did not capture the scene as you remember it? The human eye has a far greater capability to see light than even the best of today’s cameras. HDR photography is a method to overcome the limitations of your camera sensor. Jack will walk you through the process of capturing multiple images and combining them into a beautiful image.

“Natural Light, Night Photography & Light Painting” (1 hour)

It’s all about the light. In this presentation, Jack will cover the basics of understanding natural light for photography. He will also discuss how to get started with night photography and how to paint with light.

“Focus Stacking” (30 minutes)

In some situations, even the highest available f/stop is not enough to capture the depth-of-field you are trying to achieve. Focus Stacking is a technique that combines multiple images with different focus points to produce sharpness throughout the entire scene. Jack will take you through the steps involved.

“Lightroom Image Editing, Publishing & Management for Photographers” (1 hour)

Lightroom offers powerful features in a streamlined interface that allows you to import, sort, and organize images. It also includes a growing number of image editing tools designed for photographers. Jack will walk through a workflow that will improve your productivity as well as the quality of your images.

“Photoshop Tools & Techniques for Photographers” (1 hour)

Photoshop is a comprehensive application that can be intimidating to those trying to learn it. Jack will walk through the key tools and techniques most useful to photographers.